26 March 2011

A Daisy

A daisy singled out from the rest

21 March 2011

The Double Doors

Blaven and Loch Slapin - Skye

The night before this was taken the temperature drop to -15'C this shot is a 1145hrs am and the Sea Loch is still frozen!

Light Rain on the Door handle

The Back Door!

20 March 2011

The Tie-up Point

The Blue Iris

Once the Guards Van

Not a Red Carpet - But a Yellow One

Nice Flowers Awaiting Spring!

Taxi Rank - Venice

A Digger in The Night all at Sea!

And at The End of The Day - Sunset!

Somebody Chap the Door?

A Church at Pitlochry

Next Years Strawberries

A Light Shower

A Day for Reflection

Astilbe in a Gentle Breeze

Underwood Lock

A80 with a bit of 'Light Art'

The Busy A80 - Condorrat

Taken from the 'Old' Condorrat Bridge which has now been replaced with a new one for the A80/M80 upgrade.

18 March 2011


Lake Ontario and Toronto from the CN Tower

Horse Show Falls Niagra

The American Falls Niagra

Coburg on the Shore of Lake Ontario